First Investors will be transitioning to an enhanced customer portal powered by Paymentus in early 2021!
What Does This Mean to Me?
It's going to get even easier to make payments!
You'll have a host of new options available to make payments
Guest Payments are even easier
Improved mobile wallet features
What’s New?
Enhanced set up of Auto Pay scheduling
Once a week, every 2 weeks, once a month
Pick your date
Sign up for Easy Text Pay
Make payments using PayPal and Venmo
Make Debit Card or Checking Account payments by phone
How Will I be Affected?
You will still come to to access your account.
If you have an online account with us today, you will need to re-register on your first login.
Usernames will still be valid
Auto Pay schedules will still be in effect
Payments scheduled in the future will still be in effect