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About Us

Company Background

First Investors Financial Services Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiaries (“First Investors”) is an automobile finance company founded in 1988 to serve the special finance needs of automobile dealers and consumers. First Investors has created a unique business model that encompasses indirect and direct lending as well as portfolio acquisitions and third-party servicing. This multi-channel approach provides asset and revenue diversification as well as a deep understanding of the auto financing needs of both dealers and customers.

The Company’s indirect lending business primarily serves automobile dealerships in 43 states offering a wide range of financing programs which generally target consumers with credit scores of 510 and greater, including a strong emphasis on consumers which have gone through a bankruptcy process. In addition, the Company places a strong emphasis on high levels of service to its dealer clients as well as stability in it's funding process. First Investors’ direct lending business, which it started in 1996, targets qualifying consumers with pre-approved offers of credit using a direct mail platform. This business segment offers the opportunity for selected consumers to refinance their existing auto loan to realize significant rate savings compared to their existing loan. The Company identifies potential customers utilizing its empirical custom scorecards and response models.

The portfolio acquisition segment, in which the Company has been active since 1992, targets performing, non-performing and/or automobile charge-off portfolios. The Company primarily targets portfolio in the non-prime credit segment though has acquired near prime portfolios in the past. First Investors has completed eight portfolio acquisitions either solely or in partnership with financial buyers.

The third-party servicing business, which was also started by the Company in 1992, provides banks, credit unions, finance companies, portfolio buyers and portfolio lenders with loan servicing and collections expertise for performing, non-performing and charge-off portfolio in credit niches ranging from prime to deep subprime. First Investors has a demonstrated track record of achieving superior performance results and has closed 8 third-party servicing arrangements.

First Investors Servicing Corporation (“FISC”), formerly known as Auto Lenders Acceptance Corporation, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Investors Financial Services, Inc.(“First Investors”). FISC was acquired by First Investors in 1998 and today is engaged in the business of providing loan servicing and collection services to First Investors and its other wholly-owned subsidiary as well as for unaffiliated, third-party creditors. FISC is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Since we specialize in motor vehicle accounts, we feel that we understand the needs of our customers and are better able to assist them. We are authorized to service accounts in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. We look forward to servicing your account.

First Investors is headquartered in Houston, Texas with a loan servicing platform in Atlanta, Georgia.